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Clarion accessoires discontinued

Effectively immediately, all CodePort Clarion accessoires are discontinued. We have had a three year grace periode since we aquired the product line when starting the company. Clarion is only a limited part of our business. We have had no marketing and close to zero sales on the product line for these three years, so we… Les mer »

Splitbar improvementSplitbarforbedring

Added feature to 0-Hazzle FrameWorkSplitPanel: Option to save and restore position using IniMgr.FrameworkSplitpanelet i 0-Hazzle har fått en liten forbedring: Mulighet for å lagre og gjenoppette posisjon via IniMgr.

0-Cornerz update0-Cornerz oppdatering

Clarion 8 seems to have a lot of activity in the screens by default. It seems that a single property change can lead to full redraw. This gave problems for 0-Cornerz, particularily in screens with a lot of checkboxes and radios. The specific problem was a a single codeline where Prop:Hide is set based on… Les mer »