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Clarion accessoires discontinued

Effectively immediately, all CodePort Clarion accessoires are discontinued. We have had a three year grace periode since we aquired the product line when starting the company. Clarion is only a limited part of our business. We have had no marketing and close to zero sales on the product line for these three years, so we take it that the time has come for ending the support. We will continue maintance to suit our needs, since most of the products are already in use in our applications.


New version of QuickSupport is available for download

Download English version

Splitbar improvement

Added feature to 0-Hazzle FrameWorkSplitPanel: Option to save and restore position using IniMgr.

0-Cornerz update

Clarion 8 seems to have a lot of activity in the screens by default. It seems that a single property change can lead to full redraw. This gave problems for 0-Cornerz, particularily in screens with a lot of checkboxes and radios. The specific problem was a a single codeline where Prop:Hide is set based on Prop:Hide on another control. This gave redraw even when the property did not actually change. It was changed to be conditional, which lead to faster init and update.

There are still some problems, but they are not general. I.e. I have seen that repaint may fail in some cases, leaving a track of labels present when the labels are moved, even when those are not touched by 0-Cornerz.